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Calibra Dog Expert Nutrition

13. November, 2020

We have innovated Calibra Dog EXPERT NUTRITION line


A unique comprehensive line of special nutrition products

Expert Nutrition recipes are specially adapted to a dog’s specific environment or lifestyle,supporting their health or providing relief from various ailments.

Improved composition:

  6 % more meat

– monoprotein recipes

– less cereals (rice only)

 high palatability and digestibility = lower feed rations

– new additives: prebiotics and exceptional use of Fulvic acid

The recipe’s functional component (fulvic acid)

Fulvic acid is a group of organic acids originating in organic matter in the soil and which are part of humus. Fulvic acid is part of the natural diets of animals in the wild, and it has a range of positive effects on the organism. These include supporting the absorption of nutrients from food, stabilizing intestinal microflora, and enhancing antioxidant and detoxification properties. Anti-inflammatory properties and a modulation of the inflammatory response have also been ascribed to them.

Our recipes are without:
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We have seven unique recipes for your pet - discover them here:

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