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Overview of veterinary diets for cats

In the Calibra Veterinary Diets product line, we currently offer you 9 veterinary diets for cats – 5 types of dry food and 4 types of canned food (one of them is common for dogs and cats). This article gives you a quick overview of recipes and the most common diseases in which they may be indicated as part of treatment.

VD Gastrointestinal & Pancreas for dogs

The dog's digestive problems are one of the most common reasons for visiting a veterinarian, who often recommends starting a veterinary diet. Are you interested in how a change in diet can help and how is the Calibra diet different from conventional food? Let's take a look at the complex issues of digestion together.

VD Hepatic for dogs

Does your dog have liver problems? Do not despair – this organ has a large functional reserve and regenerative ability, if the appropriate treatment is applied quickly and correctly.

VD Diabetes & Obesity for dogs

Is your dog overweight or has he been diagnosed with diabetes? In both cases, Calibra has a solution in the form of a veterinary diet Calibra VD Dog Diabetes & Obesity.

VD Renal & Cardiac for dogs

Kidney failure and heart disease not only threaten older dogs, but also occur in young individuals. Whether it is an acute or chronic illness, using the right treatment and the right food is a key tool to improve the quality and prolong the life of your four-legged friend.

VD Joint & Mobility for dogs

Did you know that osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases in dogs? If you have a dog with a diagnosed musculoskeletal problem or you are just interested in this topic, read more.

VD Struvite + Oxalate & Urate & Cystine for dogs

Urinary tract disease is one of the relatively common problems and health complications in dogs. The development of a urinary tract infection and the formation of urinary stones are conditioned by several factors – from breeding predisposition to diet. Calibra has created veterinary diets that help in the treatment of the most common types of urinary stones – especially the recipe for struvites and another recipe for oxalate, cystine and urate stones.

VD Hypoallergenic Skin & Coat Support for dogs

Dog skin problems are one of the most common reasons for visiting a veterinarian. Food allergies can also cause these problems. We will take a closer look at the diet offered by the Calibra brand as part of its veterinary diets.

Calibra Dog Verve – a fresh meat experience

As every good pet owner knows, dogs love it when you fill their bowls with delicious food.
But while what makes a good meal isn’t the same for every dog, the foundations are the same. A dog primarily needs food with high-quality proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Calibra Cat Verve

We are introducing the new grain free line of cat food with a high content of fresh meat