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Overview of veterinary diets for cats

14. September, 2021

In the Calibra Veterinary Diets product line, we currently offer you 9 veterinary diets for cats – 5 types of dry food and 4 types of canned food (one of them is common for dogs and cats). This article gives you a quick overview of recipes and the most common diseases in which they may be indicated as part of treatment.


Please keep in mind - always consult your veterinarian about the use of a veterinary diet and the health of your pet.

Calibra VD Cat Gastrointestinal & Pancreas

calibra-VD-cat-konz-gastrointestinalcalibra-VD-cat-gastrointestinal-2kg-2021Complete dietary food for cats to reduce acute intestinal resorptiondiseases and compensate for maldigestion (digestive disorders).

Intended use: acute and chronic digestive problems, acute and chronic diarrhea, chronic pancreatitis, triaditis, malabsorption, intake and transport of nutrients, indigestion, EPI (pancreatic insufficiency), food intolerance, IBD (non-specific intestinal inflammation), colitis

Calibra VD Cat Renal & Cardiac

calibra-VD-cat-konz-renalcalibra-VD-cat-renal-2kg-2021Veterinary diet for cats with recommended use for dietary management of renal insufficiencyand renal failure, support during treatment of cardiac disorders and support for hypertension. 

This diet offers renal and cardio support system with high-quality protein formula (eggs) and low natrium & phosphorus concentration.


Calibra VD Cat Struvite

calibra-VD-cat-konz-struvite-managementcalibra-VD-cat-struvite-2kg-2021Complete veterinary food for cats with recommended use for dissolution of struvite stones, reduction of struvite stone recurrence  and feline lower urinary tract disease.

Struvite management formulaoffers a well-balanced mineral and optimal protein content for control of urinary pH (acidification) and relative supersaturation (RSS) od struvites

Calibra VD Cat Diabetes


Complete veterinary food for cats for use in case of diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes).

Indications: regulation of glucose supply and dietary support in diabetes mellitus. The diet has low carbohydrate & increased fibre content


Calibra VD Cat Hypoallergenic Skin and Coat Support

calibra-VD-cat-hypoallergenicComplete veterinary diet for cats in order to reduce allergic manifestations of food and intolerance of certain components or nutrients, support skin function in dermatoses and excessive hair loss.

Indications: adverse food reactions (AFR) - dermatological and gastrointestinal symptoms, atopic dermatitis, otitis externa, dermatosis (Zn responsive, Vitamin A responsive, other), flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), support of skin lesions and skin wound healing, support by hair loss and bad quality of haircoat, diet suitable for long-time use after the elimination diet.


Calibra VD Dog & Cat Recovery 400g

calibra-VD-dog-cat-konz-recoveryComplete dietetic food for cats and dogs.  

Intended use: nutritional restoration, convalescence, feline hepatic lipidosis. This high protein and high energy diet is suitable for application per syringe and feeding tube.

Contraindications: renal insufficiency, pancreatitis


We are preparing articles for you with more detailed information about individual recipes and the most common diseases for which they are suitable.

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